We Salute Firefighters!

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We here at Elisa’s Restaurant want to say thank you to all those who protect us in Long Island and NY State.

Enjoy a 20% discount off your total bill, including alcohol. Limited to a maximum of 4 persons per party.

Taxes will be applied to the total bill prior to discount. Proper Department ID required to receive discount.

Two Nights of Vodka & Caviar Flights

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The Russians claim to be the authorities on both of these delicacies, but we would like to educate you on the changing scenes.

No 2 vodkas are the same, nor are any 2 caviars...

For a little fun in the summer, and to stave off the dogs days of July, we will be introducing …

Oyster, Caviar and Vodka Flights

Learn about, and sample various types of caviar…while also being educated on different types of vodkas, how and where they’re made, including some very high-end vodkas and what sets them apart from the rest.

We will also have various seafood cocktails including shrimp, oysters, lobster and more!

Things are changing in the caviar marketplace.
Russia and Iran have long dominated the caviar export market, harvesting the delectable eggs from beluga sturgeon in the Caspian Sea. Overfishing there eventually landed them on the endangered species list, and supply from these 2 areas has dwindled, due to sanctions and limited supplies.  Other nations, including Japan, Israel, and China, have started to fill the gap.

Enjoy a night out learning and refining your tastebuds with these delicacies!

Learn about the origins of caviar, fishing zones, fishing techniques, harvesting the eggs, varieties of caviar, savoring caviar, and delightful recipes.

Two whole nights of undersea delicacies for your indulgence!

For 2 nights only, sample 3 different types of caviar, 3 different types of oysters, and 3 different vodkas for a triple-aphrodisiac experience!

Cheese Week

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Join us for our signature Cheese Week, where award-winning Chef Paolo has unique cheeses incorporated into a variety of inspired dishes.

In addition, start your meal (or just sip a glass of wine) with a variety of limited edition cheese platters gracing our appetizer menu.

Indulge your cheesiest desires!